Day 19

10 December 2023

Today was cold and wet.

I did not see much today — perhaps because the woodland floor was covered in leaves and the temperature was cold.

I saw the Ganoderma applanatum from previous weeks.

In The Dell I saw the cluster of Mycena inclinata from previous weeks.

In the Enclosed Area, I saw the SarcoscyphaClavulina coralloides and the Ascocoryne sarcoides from previous weeks.

In the Yew Grove Area, I found a cluster of Flammulina velutipes (Fig. 19.0) and went to check on the Pholiota squarrosa from previous weeks.

I found some tiny, clustered discos (Fig. 19.1) just after The Outpost.

The Phleogena faginea on The Pensive were still around.

On the side of the path I found two tiny Tubaria furfuracea on a twig (Fig. 19.2)

Throughout the reserve woodland the usual species were still around — Trichia varia and Daldinia concentrica.