Day 21

24 December 2023

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Today much of the lower-lying areas of the reserve woodland had flooded, so I had to skirt around the main trail.

The Sarcoscypha were still around as were the Scutellinia scutellata in the Enclosed Area.

Just before The Outpost I saw a patch of white Stemonitis and a small group of Physarum album (Fig. 21.0) on a leaf.

Nearby a rotting trunk had large groups of Phlebia radiata (Fig. 21.1) and an interesting form of a bracket fungus (Fig. 21.2).

I went to check on the Badhamia utricularis — all the yellow sporangia had turned grey.

Past The Outpost, I spotted a group of Physarum album (Fig. 21.3), some Hemitrichia clavata (Fig. 21.4) and Eupezizella roseoguttata (Fig. 21.5).