Badhamia utricularis

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The Outpost Area


Day 20 – 17 December 2023

All along a fallen Alder trunk in a very damp area.

Found with Phlebia radiataCrepidotus, Daedalopsis tricolor and Exidia nucleata.

I found a veiny plasmodium covering the wood or moss on all sides.

Other forms were hanging off the bottom: spherical or ovoid sporangia on thin yellow stems.

These sporangia were speckled, but ‘matte’ where they joined to the stems.

Some were various shades of blueish grey.

In the photo below you can see where the plasmodium is presumedly consuming the corticioid fungus Phlebia radiata.

On Day 21, I found them again and they were in light bluish-grey sporangia, none of the yellow forms left.

Plasmodium was still around in some areas, forming clusters for sporangia.

On Day 26 (28th 01 2024), some more yellow sporangia were growing: