Day 20

17 December 2023

There wasn’t much to see today but the weather was a little warmer.

Before the railway crossing, I spotted a small plasmodium and sporangia group of Badhamia utricularis (Fig. 20.0).

In the Enclosed Area, the Sarcoscypha were still there, but further on the trail on the right, I spotted more groups.

I also found a group of Scutellinia scutellata (Fig. 20.1) on the same stump as I had found the Ascocoryne sarcoides.

Having seen Badhamia utricularis in the entrance area, I was prompted to visit an Alder trunk upon which I had found B. utricularis in Spring.

All along the trunk was a spectacular colony of Badhamia utricularis (Fig. 20.2) — plasmodium, sporangia and pre-spore mass forms — all along a fallen Alder trunk.