Day 12

21 October 2023

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Today was slightly chilly and breezy; it drizzled and the ground was wet.


The Agaricus species was still around in the Yard.


On the right of the path leading to the Zen Zone, I spotted a group of Mutinus caninus (Fig. 12.0).

Off the Basecamp Loop path, I found an Echinoderma asperum (Fig. 12.1), then, further along the path, I found two Tricholomopsis rutilans on a mossy log (Fig. 12.2).

At Basecamp, the Dacrymyces stillatus, Scutellinia scutellata and Ramaria stricta were still there.

To the left of the Basecamp railway path, the clustered reddish fungi from Day 11 were disintegrating.

At the base of an ivy-covered tree stump, I found a group of fungi that grew on the stump last year which I have now identified as Psathyrella piluliformis (Fig. 12.3).


In the Dell, I saw Mycena galericulata and Xylaria hypoxylon.

In the branch circle, I spotted groups of Rutstroemia firma (Fig. 12.4) all over the sticks and twigs and a few white, coral-like protrusions (Fig. 12.8).

The Laccaria amethystina from previous weeks were still there.

Inside the woven stick den I saw an Amanita muscaria (Fig. 12.5) and Helvella dissingii (Fig. 12.6 – identification by the Norfolk Fungus Study Group), then along a rotting log I found some purple jelly fungi — probably Ascocoryne sarcoides (Fig. 12.7).


On the way to the Sandy Glade Area, I found a glossy, brown Bolete species (Fig. 12.9).

I saw a hairy white crust fungus on a rotting log (Fig. 12.10).

Along the Fen Pond path I found a large group of obscured Ramaria stricta (Fig. 12.11) and two earthstars — Gaestrum triplex (Fig. 12.12).

Down the Fen Trail Turnoff path, I spotted a Helvella crispa (Fig. 12.13).


In the Enclosed Area, the Tricholoma fulvum hadn’t changed much.


Along the path to the Yew Grove, the Cyathus striatus, Inocybe geophylla, Clavulina cinerea were all still around.

The Coprinellus disseminatus around the base of the tree from previous days had returned.

I also saw Auricularia auricula (Fig. 12.14).


On a log pile in The Outpost area, I saw two groups of a clustered red fungus (Fig. 12.15), and in the Outpost itself, I found Bulgaria inquinans (Fig. 12.16).


In the Trail End Area I found Mycena galopus (Fig. 12.17), Tremella mesenterica (Fig. 12.18), some unidentified fungi (Fig. 12.19) and Lycoperdon perlatum (Fig. 12.20).


Throughout the reserve woodland, I saw Laccaria laccata, Laccaria bicolour, Hypholoma fasciculare, Parasola conopilea (Fig. 12.21) and both the white and normal variants of Mycena galopus.

I found Lactarius tabidus and Russula ochroleuca scattered all over the reserve woodland.