Agaricus species

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Entrance Yard


Day 2 – 19 August 2023

Initially ovate, then broadening to flat with a raised, buff apex, these fungi had white caps and cream stems.

At the edges, some were pinkish-buff and raised — these also had thinner caps.

On Day 6 (09 September 2023), I found two emerging from beneath the stones in the entrance yard.

They had white caps with pale brown flecks/scales, and a thick white stem.

By Day 9 (30 September 2023), a few more had grown.

These fungi had stems  —  which were easy to pierce  —  and cream, scaly caps.

They generically of mushroom, and sometimes had a greyish cap apex.

The largest were 80mm across.

On Day 10 (08 October 2023), these fungi had grown larger, now showing cream annuluses and scaled, cream caps.