Pholiota squarrosa

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Yew Grove Area


Day 15 – 12 November 2023

Found at the base of an Alder tree in a large cluster.

These were orange and covered in spiky scales.

Sometimes the caps cracked to reveal buff or yellowish flesh.

The stems tapered downwards.

The next week (Day 16 — 18 November 2023):

These were large, yellowish buff fungi covered in spiky orange scales.

They had annuluses, above which the stem was plain, but below which was covered in the same scales as the cap.

The flesh was also yellowish buff.

On Day 17 (25 November 2023), they had grown larger and paler.

They had rings, above which the stem was plain yellow and below which the stem was covered in scales.

The caps had flared upwards at the edges, and the gills had dulled in colour.

On Day 18 (02 December 2023):

Later, (Day 21 — 24 December 2023) they began to disintegrate into a brown mush: