Ramaria stricta

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Day 5 – 03 September 2023

On rotting wood, I found these cream, coral fruitbodies, which split into around three tiny spikes at the top.

The next week (Day 6 — 09 September 2023), they had grown taller: each branch had many forked tips ( each having around 3-4 forks ).

By Day 7 (16 September 2023) they were larger still, and deeper in colour – some had taken a slight reddish tint.

The tips did not bruise and they had a vague spicy scent.

The next week, Day 8 (23 September 2023), the bases had turned slightly vinaceous and the tips slightly yellow.

On Day 9 (30 September 2023):

By Day 10 (08 October 2023), they had deteriorated: