Metatrichia species

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Day 4 – 26 August 2023

Found on the log by the path, these had black ‘heads’ and black stipes, which faded to orange-brown or reddish-brown at the bases.

Another form had brown stipes with white to light brown ‘heads’.

I thought this could be Metatrichia floriformis, but all I’ve found is that this species had brick-red or orangish spores, not white or buff spores as this one appears to have.

On Day 5, they were now all covered in a white mass.

After disappearing for a few days, they reutnred on Day 8.

They were back to their original form — reddish-brown stems and black heads, covered slightly in a white substance which are probably the spores.

On Day 9, they turned entirely white or buff.