Hydnum repandum

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Day 1 – 12 August 2023

On rotting, mossy wood under hazel and birch.

These had light brownish-orange, irregular caps, with white stems which tapered upwards.

The stems were very large compared to their caps, and solid.

The caps were furry with a cream edge; the flesh was cream.

On Day 4 (26th August 2023), one had fallen over, revealing the distinctive teeth of H. repandum.

The stems were white, and the caps pinkish cream.

The white teeth were decurrent to the stem.


On Day 5 (03 September 2023), their caps had grown darker orange.

From Day 7 (16th October 2023), they began to disintegrate.

On Day 10 (08 October 2023), they had turned a reddish colour: