Hemitrichia clavata

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Sandy Glade Area


Day 1 – 12 August 2023

On the side of a rotting log, this group of slime-mould was found in the clearing opposite the sand pit.

On Day 3 (24 August 2023) I noticed another group had on the same log had erupted into spore mass:

Here they are on Day 4 (26 August 2023)

(Day 5 — 03 September 2023) The photo on the left shows the log I found them on.

If you look closely there are two small groups in the centre at the bottom.

And again on Day 7 (16 September 2023)— they had grown larger and more puffy.

I found another group of clay-pink sporangia growing nearby.

On Day 8, the pink sporangia had turned dark ochre-brown.

On Day 9, the other dark brown sporangia had erupted into the candy-floss-like mature sporangia of H. clavata.