Agaricus moelleri

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Basecamp Railway Path


Day 14 – 03 November 2023

Found to the left of the Basecamp railway path.

These were large and had white caps with dark brown scales — denser at the apex.

The stem was firm and had a large, cream annulus.

They grew from under rotting logs.

The gills were buff.

A few weeks later, on Day 16 (18 November 2023), they appeared again.

They were in grass and leaf litter on the edges of the path or growing from under mossy, rotting wood.

This had a patchy, white stem which turned pale yellow when bruised and smooth ring.

The cap was fibrous and also turned pale yellow.

The gills were pink and the flesh white.

When pinched, they bruised faintly yellow and they had dark scales which distinguish them from Agaricus xanthodermus.

On Day 17 (25 November 2023), the gills had turned inky black as had parts of the stem and cap.