Day 4

08 October 2022

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Today it was bright with a very cold wind and the air was damp.


In the main car park I spotted a clump of Coprinopsis atramentaria in the grass (Fig. 4.0) and again just before the railway crossing gate in the verge (Fig. 4.1).


In the entrance yard most of the Agaricus had gone, and the few remaining had inky-black gills and thinner yellowish caps.

Entering the reserve, along the trail to Basecamp, I found four peach-coloured clumps of the slimemould Tubifera ferruginosa (Fig. 4.2).

In the grass I found a grey wax-cap like specie (Fig. 4.3), some green Stropharia species (Fig. 4.4) and a group of large white fungi in leaf litter (Fig. 4.5).


On the same rotting log as the previous week, I saw more mature Tricholomopsis rutilans, the same troop of Laccaria laccata nearby, another group of Tubifera ferruginosa (Fig. 4.6) and some small unidentified fungi (Fig. 4.7).

Behind Basecamp, on the path to the railway line, I spotted a prolific fungus around the base of an ivy covered tree stump that I believe is Psathyrella piluliformis (Figs. 4.8).


In and around The Dell there were quite a few Mycena species on various rotting logs (Fig. 4.9).

I saw more Coprinopsis lagopus (Fig. 4.10) and, just at the base of a log, I spotted Mycena rosea (Fig. 4.11).


Past the Gnarly Oak along the drainage channel path, I saw Bolbitius titubans (Fig. 4.12) and a cluster of Laccaria laccata (Fig. 4.13).

At the Enclosed Area, I found Clavulina coralloides and the Picipes badius from previous weeks.

I also found what may have been Tricholoma fulvum (Figs. 4.14) and in a muddy area on a moss covered stump I saw Coprinellus micaceus (Fig. 4.15).


At the Yew Grove, I saw the Coprinopsis atramentaria from week three — they had grown to have blackened upturned caps and tall white stems.

Out of another log, more had sprung up, and on other logs many had fallen over, their heads deliquesced to nothing.


At The Outpost, I saw a young Amanita muscaria (Fig. 4.16) and Hypholoma fasciculare (Fig. 4.17), then further along the trail I saw a large grey fungus (Fig. 4.18).


After The Outpost, I spotted two Phallus impudicus eggs (Figs. 4.19).

Wandering around this wooded area I saw a troop of Laccaria bicolor (Figs. 4.20) and at the end of the trail saw the Gymnopilus junonius from week three.

The Fuligo septica from week 2 had turned to a greenish white lump.