Agaricus species

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Entrance Yard


Day 2 – 24 September 2022

Scattered around in stone chippings.

These trooping fungi had irregular white caps with beige scales, varying from 20–70mm across.

Their stems were white and fibrous and bore no visible annulus.

The younger specimens were a darker brown colour, and the flesh bruised yellow.

On Day 3, their caps had expanded, the largest coming to just less than 150mm.

The gills were now a grey-black and some were dark grey-pink.

Some also had a dark brown or pink stem.

The caps were still irregularly lumpy, and some of the flesh was a dark-pink.

[Day 3 photos]

By Day 4, most had disappeared from before, but those that remained were flattened with semi-inky black gills, a thinner cap and a yellowish colour to their apexes.